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Terms & Conditions :
These terms and conditions govern the use of ( the "Site" ). This Site is owned and operated by Christina LeClair ( "I", "my" ) and is an ecommerce website.
By using this Site, you indicate that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them at all times.
Intellectual Property
All content published and made available on my Site is my property and the Site's creators. This includes, but is not limited to images, text, logos, documents, downloadable files and anything that contributes to the composition of my Site.
Limitation of Liability
I will not be liable for any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses including legal fees from the use of my Site.


These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time in order to maintain compliance with the law and to reflect any changes to the way I operate my Site and the way I expect users to behave on my Site.

I require a 50% deposit for custom and/or personalized items 


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